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{August 9, 2008}   Never Back Down… Ugh.

This morning I was doing my makeup. I love to do my makeup. That means that I can spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. Which, as any good Southern Girl knows, is a great way to pass the time. It’s way better than doing the dishes, or washing the laundry. And while I was doing my makeup, I was contemplating a conversation that I had with my husband last night during (and after) a movie that we saw yesterday.

It was called “Never Back Down“. (warning: Movie spoilers ahead!) Now, here is my problem. I liked the movie, for pure entertainment purposes. Who doesn’t love a good ass-kicking sequence with a bunch of good looking young guys who are shirtless? (And oh-so-obviously not teenagers…) But these guys repeatedly walked away from beatings that would have put (forgive this one) Clint Eastwood down for a dirt nap. They were thrown down onto asphalt and punched in the head over and over, and then the next day at school–tadaa! Pretty boy again! Sometimes they had butterfly closures or tiny bruises on them. WTF?

One of the guys was purposely put in the hospital with a beating, and even he was coherent and looking “camera” worthy within hours.

And then–

There was a side story with a little brother and a tennis scholarship. It was sappy and cute. There was a mom and a hissy fit. It was very sad and dramatic. An awesome gym owner teaches the lead character that he is not the only one with problems.  Lead character gets challenged to some kind of “Ultimate Goober Asskicking Contest” by guys who nab his friend and kick his arse.  The lead character doesn’t want to fight. They make him out to be noble.  He gets his butt whipped, but compared to the Shield of Achilles.  He saves his family and friends!

My husband says–“At least they are trying to show some kind of personal responsiblity.

I still don’t know if he was joking.



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