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{August 17, 2011}   Blogging takes — um, yeah. Eloquence!

I have been thinking a lot lately about why I haven’t been blogging. And while I’m sure it’s of great concern to the Internet community at large, the truth of the matter is – my wordiness has done left me.

I ponder on the great poets all day, spend my evenings with Shakespeare and Keats. Yet, when it comes time to write, all I can think about is, “The Latest Heel Sizes in Paris!” and “Great New Fabrics and Hem Lengths for Fall!”. And, gods help me, I really want those new YSL Slave Sandals in the back of the UK Vogue last month.

I can write poetry. But my blogs are starting to scare me. The political ones, I’ve kept to myself. Anyone interested in the new shoes from Fashion Week?


Mike Langlois says:

I dunno about fashion, but I’d love to see some poetry!


Siouxsie says:

Working on it, my love.


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