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{September 11, 2011}   Everyone Hates Andy Warhol

Everyone Hates Andy Warhol
Lou Reed is a freak, and everyone still loves him.
Why not me?
Why not Andy?
Forget Andy. He was a prick.
But I’m all right. 

Aren’t I? 


{September 8, 2011}   The AMA Pome

Michael spends the day

Answering questions.

Ask Me Anything!“, he says, and they do.

So many curious strangers.

My Monkey, in a Private Zoo.

Is it strange for him?  I wonder.

I have queries of my own.

So many things I would love to ask


But the one question that keeps coming to mind is –

“Do you know where my keys are?” 

He probably DOES, too. 

{September 7, 2011}   Another Poser Punk Preparing Dinner

Patti Smith has kids
Does she ever chop sausage for jambalaya?
Boil rice?
I’m writing poetry on an iPad,
cooking in a cast iron Dutch oven,
Dreaming punk songs,
And Ginsberg beat poetry.

When is the next Big Revolution?
Or did I miss it?

Warner? Did you realize what you were starting?

Do you care?

The beginning of your Little War,

Stomping on our Revolution (I claim it, in my heart,

Even though I wasn’t born

I believe I would have been there. Or somewhere


Warner.  You really ARE a small-minded asshole.

I can’t believe I am agreeing with John Sinclair.

I know I’m late to the Party (I’m NOT a Red,

You Freak)

But Warner Stringfellow,

There are some things you can’t ever take back.

And now that you’ve helped dead Presidents

And politicians start a war against our Citizens

And Children (some of them your own)

What will you do next?

Warner Stringfellow, you suck. 

{September 6, 2011}   Where are all the Punk Kids?

Sid, Nancy,

Janis. (& assorted “kids” from the Chelsea)

Did you know that the Chelsea Hotel is


Nancy–I’ve never believed in fates cruel enough

To tie you forever to one place.

I understand the desperation 

That you felt. (the NEED for love)

I hope that you found each other again at last. 

Sid–I’m just so sorry.

Janis–my daughter even now, 40 years later wants to be like you.

I wish that you hadn’t felt left out, 

You were beautiful.

(So is she.)

What else is there to say? 

et cetera