Siouxsie's Space

{September 7, 2011}   Another Poser Punk Preparing Dinner

Patti Smith has kids
Does she ever chop sausage for jambalaya?
Boil rice?
I’m writing poetry on an iPad,
cooking in a cast iron Dutch oven,
Dreaming punk songs,
And Ginsberg beat poetry.

When is the next Big Revolution?
Or did I miss it?


Sheila Moore says:

Ha- nice bit of random thoughts here …or maybe more Thanks for sharingnwith dverse this week!


brian says:

nah its still coming…so what time is dinner ready? jambalaya? yummmm


Siouxsie says:

About 3 hours ago? But there are always leftovers… 😉 thanks for checking my poems out!


This seems like it would be a cool song… Very nice.


Siouxsie says:

Thanks, Amy! Most of my poems are chants or songs in my head at some point. (grin)

Thank you, too for taking the time to critique. I need pratice, and every bit helps!


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