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{October 31, 2011}   Pink Roses

I went to your grave


(in my mind)

I dropped pink rose 

petals from a vase

into a bowl of

water and thought

of You. 

(pink roses at Homecoming, remember? 

All four of us, in goofy clothes?)

I haven’t seen your

graveside since the 

day they placed you

in the ground. 

(ashes and dust?)

3 states away and

so many miles to cross-

to find you not there. 


I will stay here and

be disappointed by your

lack of presence.

It is easier to bear, 


All of our old haunts


cold and empty without you.

Global warming, my arse. 

(My friend is dead, and the 

World is Frozen.)

My family is growing up.

I wish you could be


(or, anywhere, really.)

Life hasn’t stopped 

without you.

Pink roses, just


Sll – 9/26/2011 3:45p.m.


{October 15, 2011}   A few minutes with #occupydfw

On Friday morning, I decided that pneumonia could bite me, and I went to Pioneer Park in Dallas which is about an hour’s drive away (in traffic) from where I live. I brought along doughnuts for breakfast, because according to the live stream and Twitter feeds I was obsessing over the whole night before, they were up all night. I figured sugar was in order. 🙂

I also brought a LOT of posters that I made while I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed. I took pictures of some of my new friends holding them. The pretty lady in the hat is Arby (I hope I spelled that right) and the gentleman holding up almost all of the others is Gilbert. They are going to carry my signs in the march the doc won’t let me go to on Saturday, but this way I feel like I’m there a LITTLE.

I also dropped off some supplies, but if anyone actually READS this–they could use towels, non-perishable food items, hand sanitizer, and YOUR SUPPORT!

I attended a General Assembly meeting-

It was decided-

1- only ‘kitchen staff’ can use the kitchen

2- we need identifiers to use the “mess” tent

3- we need gloves for kitchen workers

3.1 gloves were offered/being brought in morning

4- Mike declared it a beautiful day to be together and alive and outside – I seconded

5 – different Mike asked forgiveness for looking out of place, he was only then looked at strangely, and afterwards absolved for his “strangeness” (he was just a guy, seriously…)

7-discussion of flyers of Saturday’s march being passed out

8- someone suggested leaving park area to pass out flyers in Deep Ellum and West End. Passed

9-discussed having a few follow march to clean the streets of debris to generate goodwill for cause with populace. Passed

10- discussed walking in background of local tv show with signs, with permission of show. Someone (I think Laura) was going to look into it.


Here is where I got a phone call (my phone was on silent) and I missed the end of the meeting. But it ended RIGHT after. There were about 15-20 people assembled, including one guy with a news camera. The weird thing were police officers driving slowly around the park, parking in different spaces over and over- FOUR TO A CAR– just staring. If it had just been random guys behaving that way, I would be looking for someone to report them to for suspicious behavior.

I brought doughnuts for the police officers, as well. They weren’t rude, but they wouldn’t take them.  However, they had no problem asking me what happened in the General Assembly. I told them. “No strangers in the kitchen! It’s a beautiful day!” one of them said, “Are they planning to march? What’s up over there?” Which is hilarious, because we are PLASTERING the park with flyers. So I invited him! He looked at me like I was some sort of bug. Ah, well… I am fluttery and annoying.

I got no less than 5 hugs hello and 15 goodbye. And one great big sloppy dog kiss from a gorgeous Australian Shepard with 3 legs and beautiful eyes!

Pictures of some cool people trying to fight for your rights follow.

et cetera