Siouxsie's Space

(Picture credit – Atlanta Grand Pianos)

Tiny room
space not enough for
Baby grand
seven people, two guitars
one song–
“Too Much Love”,
wish you were still here.


For Heather, who I miss every day.


{January 31, 2015}   Waiting For a Muse

Kuzi, the bug eating foster dog, and Chér, my bae.

While I’m busy trying to be profound
The heater on the floor
Sparks and sputters, thinks about quitting.
(Always cold, and the heater hates me.)
The cat in the closet growls in her sleep,
Dream mice and lizards to stalk and surprise.
Still I stare at a blank (almost) page.
A (gross!) pill bug makes a slow march across the floor.
The dog leaps from his pink leopard print bed
And happily munches the bug.
Still no Deep Thoughts.
The dog has settled back down and is snoring.
Maybe I need a break. Or a Muse.
That bug looked good… NO!

Poetry is hard.

(for Clint – who has Writer’s Block)
(and Michael, who doesn’t believe in it…)

{January 29, 2015}   When Depression Overtakes You


It hurts me to know
That “I’m sorry” or “I care
Are not said enough.

And sometimes words aren’t
What you need. Personal ties
Become essential

For your state of mind
To become calmer, more at
Peace within yourself.

I wish that I could
Wrap my arms around you and
Give you some comfort.

All i have are words
And more words, but they are true.
You are not alone.

I am here, I care.
Even when I am not close–
I remain your friend.

So do not despair
Do not allow sadness to
Overwhelm your heart.

Hang on to what you
Have, and hold the good things close.
The new day brings light.


For my far away, sad friend. Feel better soon.

{January 28, 2015}   True Love

Some days she knew she
Was not all that he had dreamed.
He never let on.

Sll – 12/26/2011


Our first adopted dog, Chèr, hours before she was slated to be euthanized .

I occasionally spend
Entire mornings
Reading the PRE obituaries
For abandoned and homeless animals.

Notices of lovable
Souls who will soon
Be gone from this world.
And it’s our loss.
So many starving–
Not just for food
But for love, companionship,
Touch of another living being.

Why should this be so hard?
We should be judged
By how we treat the ones
Who cannot defend themselves.

Animals are not toys-
They are not disposable items
To be used up and tossed aside
When something shinier comes along.

A human whose heart will
Allow them to abandon
One who gives them unconditional love
Is not one I trust.

In the shelters
And on the streets
Thousands of broken spirits roam
Looking for their place.

How hard is it to be the
Recipient of pure joy and
Adoration that knows no bounds?
The one who makes another’s whole life light up?

A dog doesn’t care if you are overweight.
But they DO care (and notice)
When you are overwrought.
And they will stay by your side.

How many people would do as much?
If you cry in front of your cat–
Chances are, you will get snuggles
And tail swishes, but not judgement.

There needs to be more rescuing
Going on.
More precious lives saved,
More cushy beds for soft hearts.

I save all I can–
Try to help the ones who come to me
And in the mornings,
I read again about the ones we will lose today.

It’s a kind of self torture
But someone needs to remember
Their faces, their sacrifice.
So that we can save just one more.

Before it’s too late.


Chèr now.

{January 26, 2015}   Bang a Drum, A Haiku


Nowhere else on earth~
Is it acceptable, my~
Hitting and yelling.

Vibration from skins~
Lets the rapture flow freely~
I am myself here.


{January 25, 2015}   For Michael, Who Believes


I hate to be touched.
Things around me are ugly.
The more I see of the world
And the people in it,
The more my skin crawls.

Only you are good.
I don’t understand how you can continue
To be so optimistic
About a world so filled with hate.
But every day you get up, determined to be happy.

I don’t begrudge you this.
I just don’t understand it.
I don’t have the energy
To fight the entire world.
Or anyone, really.

And they’re out there–
Right now.
Determined to



Everyone but you.

Sll – 10/31/2011
7:20 a.m. (actually in my sleep at 3)
Edited/revised 1/25/2015 5:40pm

{January 25, 2015}   Quotes from My Bedroom Wall

Since I was 12, I have had this quote from e.e. cummings tacked up on my bulletin board in my bedroom, it was later moved to my bathroom mirror, and then finally taken down and put into my poetry/dream log, as a reminder of what I am striving for.

So far as I am concerned, poetry and every other art was and is and forever will be strictly and distinctly a question of individuality… If poetry is your goal, you’ve got to forget all about punishments and all about rewards and all about self-styled obligations and duties and responsibilities etcetera ad infinitum and remember one thing only: that it’s you – nobody else – who determine your destiny and decide your fate. Nobody else can be alive for you; nor can you be alive for anybody else… There’s the artist’s responsibility; and the most awful responsibility on earth.
E E Cummings
i six non-lectures, New York, Atheneum, 1962, 24

I hope it inspires you, too.

Happy writing!


{January 24, 2015}   Haiku, for Ozzie


Your new grand baby
Is more gorgeous than I can
Expound upon here.


When I was sixteen
We stood under a streetlight
Hugging for an hour.


Then you walked away.
I felt like my best friend was
Walking from my life.


(For Ozzie, who remains my friend after 30 years.)

Sll, 8/29/2011 11:02 a.m.
Revised 1/24/2015 10:26 p.m.

{January 24, 2015}   Haiku Sans Breath


Here I am in bed
Gasping for breath and tired
Pneumonia sucks arse.

If I had my way-
Any choice at all, I would
Sleep until it’s gone.

Slumber eludes me
And fever makes me groggy
Sick of being ill.


et cetera