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{January 16, 2015}   Shedrick in Chicago


My friend is in the Windy City
In the actual wind.
Playing music for strangers
He wouldn’t listen to himself.

Music seeps from his pores
And troubles roll down his forehead
They think it’s the stage spots
Causing him to perspire
But it’s the glaring headlight at the end of a
Long tunnel.

There’s a train on the other side.
And it’s headed his way, fast.
Caught between what he loves
And what he must do to survive
I’m never sure if I am envious
Or concerned.

He works harder than I ever have
To not make ends meet
By all rights his musical
(Dare I say?)
Should have taken him
So far.

But for now, he is still
Eking out his existence
With 4 strings and sheer will.

They say good things come to those who wait.
I say he has waited long enough.
Somewhere his break is waiting
Patiently for him to arrive.

I can’t wait for that day.


~ for Shedrick, who deserves it all.


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