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{January 18, 2015}   Heather at Halloween


Remember the night we went to the State Fair,
all of us, in our costumes?
It seemed the whole of the world was colors and noise.

I wish sometimes that we were back there again
running through the crowds holding hands,
laughing, flirting with boys…

You’re gone now and I’ve grown older.
I have my own children who are the same age we were when we did those things.
And I wonder–
Will they still have each other when they are my age?

All I can think is–
hold tight to your friends
and your happiness while you have it.
You never know when it’s going to come around again,
or if this is the last time.
(Or the start of something completely different.)

I Hope that you are on your journey,
wherever you are.
But I really really miss you back here in this place.

I’m Ionely for the one person who ever really understood me.

I’m assuming all of this quiet
And rest will make you even more radiant!
Which is not fair. You will never get any older.
How will you recognize me when we find
One another again?

I wish you could come back for me,
Just one more song
One more laugh
One more day.
I love you, wherever you are.



This one makes me wanna cry but I really love it ❤

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