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{January 20, 2015}   My Country You Can Bite Me

(A police officer uses pepper spray on an Occupy Portland protestor at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland Ore. , Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011. AP)

On the off chance
that Someone (Anyone!) is listening
I’d like you to know that
I am not happy
with the way my World
is turning out.
I wake up in the morning,
and before I can finish
my first morning
I can feel the tears
starting to push up, hot and

I push back. (don’t want to ruin my makeup!)
The news (from EVERYWHERE)
is scaring me.
America? Is this our Free Land?

I am afraid of the City at night.
Punks and tall black men comfort me–
I skulk away from police officers
whenever possible.
(they have GUNS, you know!)

Every murder and atrocity
I read about
is now
perpetrated by the people
I was taught to trust as a child.

Now, as an adult, that leaves
me with a very real
sense of anger.
Like the day
I discovered
There was no Santa. Or satan.

But Santa never ONCE maced kneeling women
In the street.
(not that I remember, anyway.)
Not even satan
kicked mentally handicapped
men when they were
Never held a man
To the ground while he
Pleaded for breath.

I’m starting to think
That we will never
get it right.
And since my eyeliner
is running (again)
I’ll just say
I’m pissed that
we can’t seem to
make a better go of it
TODAY, dammit.



Autumn Rose says:

Yes, I agree with you. I started understanding, knowing, a long time ago that the human race as a whole will never get it right. My eyeliner stopped running a while back. I have no more tears. No more sadness. Only anger & disgust. I am angry at how intellegent and so incredibly stupid, hateful, and hypocritical humans can be all in the same breath. It is disgusting to me. It’s why I have to force myself every morning to leave my house.

Liked by 1 person

Siouxsie says:

Autumn – some days I just don’t. (Leave, I mean.)

Miss you my wonderful and sweet friend!


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