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{January 20, 2015}   Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

I absolutely love the flow of this – and thought others might, too. Marie LaVeau has always been a fascination of mine, and whenever we made the trip to New Orleans (I’m originally from about 40 miles away) we would always stop at her grave to pay respects.

Wonderful, powerful, scary lady. 🙂

Dennis does a great job capturing this.

Dennis Cardiff


She was long and lovely from ‘way down south,
she had blood on her hands, blood on her mouth.
She’d got voodoo spells and incantations.
She lived on one of those big plantations.
Had she done something bad? Well, I don’t know.
She went by the name of Marie Laveau.

She had golden skin and curly black hair,
down near the bayou you could find her there,
with her big old snake wrapped ’round and ’round,
it was party time when the sun went down.
Cauldron would bubble and naked they’d dance,
potions concocted, ’round the fire she’d prance.

She had a mojo hand, a black cat bone —
wouldn’t want her to catch you all alone.
There were stories told of the men she’d hexed;
husband Jacques unaware that he’d be next,
he just disappeared, he never returned —
just ashes left and the incense she burned.

Stroll though…

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Autumn Rose says:

I love this. I’ve always been fascinated by Marie Laveau and New Orleans Vodou as well.

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