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{January 27, 2015}   The One Where I Cry About The Ones I Couldn’t Save

Our first adopted dog, Chèr, hours before she was slated to be euthanized .

I occasionally spend
Entire mornings
Reading the PRE obituaries
For abandoned and homeless animals.

Notices of lovable
Souls who will soon
Be gone from this world.
And it’s our loss.
So many starving–
Not just for food
But for love, companionship,
Touch of another living being.

Why should this be so hard?
We should be judged
By how we treat the ones
Who cannot defend themselves.

Animals are not toys-
They are not disposable items
To be used up and tossed aside
When something shinier comes along.

A human whose heart will
Allow them to abandon
One who gives them unconditional love
Is not one I trust.

In the shelters
And on the streets
Thousands of broken spirits roam
Looking for their place.

How hard is it to be the
Recipient of pure joy and
Adoration that knows no bounds?
The one who makes another’s whole life light up?

A dog doesn’t care if you are overweight.
But they DO care (and notice)
When you are overwrought.
And they will stay by your side.

How many people would do as much?
If you cry in front of your cat–
Chances are, you will get snuggles
And tail swishes, but not judgement.

There needs to be more rescuing
Going on.
More precious lives saved,
More cushy beds for soft hearts.

I save all I can–
Try to help the ones who come to me
And in the mornings,
I read again about the ones we will lose today.

It’s a kind of self torture
But someone needs to remember
Their faces, their sacrifice.
So that we can save just one more.

Before it’s too late.


Chèr now.


Harriet Fontenot says:

Well said. We adopted our Zoey from the pound in November. She is a bundle of love.

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Siouxsie says:

It really does seem like they KNOW, doesn’t it?



I have the same problem when it comes to all the animals that have no homes. 😦 Please, please, adopt, don’t buy! (from breeders and/or puppy mills!). There are many by-the-breed rescue groups that are popping up more and more, and, if you want a particular breed of cat/dog, etc. you can search for that kind of Many breed animals lose their home because they were purchased on a whim/following a trend and then dumped when the owner lost interest in having their “trophy” animal….so you might find just the breed of animal you were looking for!

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Siouxsie says:

Not just THAT, but there are so many BEAUTIFUL, loving animals who are mixed breed – and its proven they have less medical issues than most pure reds, because they are not INbred, which happens with disreputable breeders.

Please, please, consider adoption!


Siouxsie says:

Purebreds–sigh, I hate “help” from my phone! 🙂


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