Siouxsie's Space

{January 29, 2015}   When Depression Overtakes You


It hurts me to know
That “I’m sorry” or “I care
Are not said enough.

And sometimes words aren’t
What you need. Personal ties
Become essential

For your state of mind
To become calmer, more at
Peace within yourself.

I wish that I could
Wrap my arms around you and
Give you some comfort.

All i have are words
And more words, but they are true.
You are not alone.

I am here, I care.
Even when I am not close–
I remain your friend.

So do not despair
Do not allow sadness to
Overwhelm your heart.

Hang on to what you
Have, and hold the good things close.
The new day brings light.


For my far away, sad friend. Feel better soon.


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