Siouxsie's Space

{January 31, 2015}   Waiting For a Muse

Kuzi, the bug eating foster dog, and Chér, my bae.

While I’m busy trying to be profound
The heater on the floor
Sparks and sputters, thinks about quitting.
(Always cold, and the heater hates me.)
The cat in the closet growls in her sleep,
Dream mice and lizards to stalk and surprise.
Still I stare at a blank (almost) page.
A (gross!) pill bug makes a slow march across the floor.
The dog leaps from his pink leopard print bed
And happily munches the bug.
Still no Deep Thoughts.
The dog has settled back down and is snoring.
Maybe I need a break. Or a Muse.
That bug looked good… NO!

Poetry is hard.

(for Clint – who has Writer’s Block)
(and Michael, who doesn’t believe in it…)


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