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{February 3, 2015}   Abiogenesis

For those that don’t know me–I don’t usually dream at all. I mean, really, almost NEVER. Since I’ve had pneumonia for the last (almost) three weeks, I have been. But they are all nightmares in one form or another.

I am hoping that writing it out will help me to understand, and let it go.

Also – most of my posts are poetry, or attempts at it. I have been challenged to write at least one poem a day for the next year by my husband. He is a dedicated author, with excellent work ethic- something I am sorely lacking. So I’m trying very hard.

This is not today’s poem.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support this first month, I really appreciate it! If you want to interpret my dream for me – I’m all ears. πŸ™‚


My dreams last night were wondrous confusing.
Upsetting, even.
While I slept,
My mind conjured
An old sofa.
One actually I’ve seen before,
In an apartment.
When I was

This seating was different
Because it was creating
Not human ones–

Kittens, duckies, and baby chicks.

In my dream
Feeding was a problem.
One eye dropper, fifty
No clue what
Baby ducks or chicks eat.
Or how to feed them.
Do they need to stay warm?
How warm?

Siouxsie has no idea.

As the sofa continued
To produce more and more
Little helpless lives
I try to keep up.
And I wonder if destroying
The couch will stop
The process.
I also am deeply
Distressed by the idea
That if I do annihilate
It, I have somehow killed
Future baby animals.

There are people
All around.
But no one seems to care
At all.
They walk past,
Some glare.
I think because it was
Very loud.
A cacophony, if you will.

Tiny mouths to feed
Little bodies needing
Motherly contact.
And me, with
Nothing to give.
Looking desperately
For help
Or ideas.
None were forthcoming.

So I just kept
Putting kittens into boxes
Filled with my old clothes.
The chicks and ducks
Ran in circles, or
Sat in one spot
Loudly demanding–

I was awakened abruptly
By one of my three dogs
Demanding to be fed.
I got myself up
And began the process.
Feed the dogs,
Let them out.
Make food for
Real kids.
Feed the cat,
Change her water.
Check the bunny cage,
Make sure he has food.
Give him a treat.

Still have no idea what the dream meant.
(Sigh.) It turns out, I’m not that insightful.


These are the REAL babies who “need” me.



I need you ❀

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Siouxsie says:

Aww. I can add your picture, too. πŸ™‚

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Teehee you don’t have to cx it’s the thought that counts ^_^


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