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{February 7, 2015}   The Office Visit


Photo credit: southbrandywinelibrary
Doctor’s Office, Coatesville, PA circa 1850

A Psychiatrist is going through my medical records,
every once in a while
She says, “Hmmmmm.”

I don’t think it’s a good thing.

It’s been three hours – what the hell
could she have
Found in there that was so interesting?

I’m not even that interested,
and it’s my life.
I’m considering committing suicide just to leave.
Afraid I’ll be stuck here forever, doing paperwork
Listening to judgmental “Hmmm,”s from
Some chick whose family life resembles
The Kardashian’s,
only more dysfunctional,
And way less attractive.
(let that sink in…)

So I sit.
Quietly peeling off my acrylic nails.
Why am I wearing these, anyway?
They would make good weapons to gouge
Out my own eyes.
How much longer?

I wish I had forgotten to show up,
Or had a nice flat tire
But NO,
I had to come.

I shouldn’t be so whiney.
(I shouldn’t be, but I AM.)
I think I’d be better off
Self-diagnosing AND
This person can’t even
Figure out her own difficulties.

As soon as I can get out
I do.
Won’t be doing that again
Anytime soon.

On the plus side–
After listening to her complaints
(No, really – at least an hour
Of the 3 1/2 hour “session”
Was taken up with her telling me her
Problems, and her taking calls
From her messed up teenagers
I don’t feel so bad about my life.


8/31 12:32 p.m.
Revised/rewritten 2/6/2015


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