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{February 18, 2015}   Humming My Hopes


Today is the day
I get out of my own head.
I will not be stagnant
I’d rather be dead.

I will go outside
Commune with my muse
And possibly dance
And maybe croon the blues.

Things will go smoothly
Because I will demand
Something accomplished
With my heart and my hands.

And if I fall short
Of my goal to be brave
I will start again tomorrow
And not be a slave–

To the conventions and beats
Of the drum I’m not drumming
And the tune in my head
Will come out as humming,

Which will turn into dance,
Then a full fledged song
And that, my dear friend
Was my plan all along.

9:45 am


duhdingle says:

I absolutely adore this. 😢

Liked by 1 person

Siouxsie says:

And I adore YOI! XOXOXO


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