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{February 22, 2015}   For Kristine – Is it Tea Time Yet?


Long ago I had a friend who turned to roommate
SHE I could share with (even ate off of her plate)!
And oh, the mischief and fun we’d conceive!
We knew and didn’t care if it wasn’t proper or right
We roamed streets of New Orleans in the hot, humid night.

We moved several times, even out of the city
And found a small cottage, especially pretty!
We lived with my man, and boys, and pets of all breeds
We worked together, lived together, shared all that we had.
Our friendship, while rowdy, was never deemed bad.

The years whizzed past, as years often do
And I got married, she moved out, and then we did, too.
The house was not the same without her joi d’vivre.
There were years we lost touch, and found touch again
Because that is what happens, when you grow with a friend.

Our lives blurred by quickly, and I wondered if she
Knew how much I missed her, or if she was thinking of me?
One day, I called her, she seemed so much relieved.
“I’d wondered where you’d gotten to!” she squealed into the phone
(I would have called sooner, if only i’d known.)

I was worried she’d forgotten me, at best was so mired
Deep in her own life, that I’d make her tired.
When I talk with her now I just can’t believe-
It’s like she’s been with me, right here all along
If I am home singing, she’s playing the song!

My brown hair is pink now, sometimes tinged with gray
Her skin is all colors, like a magical array
Of beautiful fantasies – artwork for sleeves!
She is still pixie-like, and her talents abound!
I’d thought my friend lost, but look what we’ve found!

After twenty plus years of being away
I feel we’ve been together throughout every day.
All the time that’s passed by, I cannot but grieve
For the time that we’ve missed, all the secrets not shared–
All those times I didn’t pick up phone, because I was scared.

It’s amazing to me, we’ve started right where we were
And things between us are just as I’d prefer.
I’m surprised and I’m happy, no cause to grieve–
Because we have managed to not grow apart.
And that she’s retained such a large piece of my heart.

Thank you, Kristine, my beautiful mate
Our times together have been no less than great!
And while I would wish for more quantity
The fact you are you, and still are my friend,
that the Autumn Rose the branch from which all of this stemmed–

Is a source, to me, of constant delight.
So, one day soon, I fear you just might
Hear a knock in your door, and open to see
I’ve sought you out to spend my leisure time
With my very good friend, who’s been on my mind.

2:42 am




mihrank says:

wow – incredible – amazing – this is a great lesson to learn!

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Siouxsie says:

Thank you! XOXOXO

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mihrank says:

I adore you:)

Liked by 1 person

Siouxsie says:

I am sort of speechless. Thank you again!

I read a lot of your blog, and I am very impressed. Especially with the piano-related things. You’re pretty awesome yourself!

Thank you so much for the kind words!


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