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{March 9, 2015}   Death is Waiting

I am waiting for
a sister who seems always
absent to come forth.

Death, when will you be
coming for me- and will I
still be ready then?

I hope to welcome
your embrace with loving arms,
And recall your joy.

I hope to be glad,
(And to have fulfilled
My Destiny here.)

If not, I know you.
And you will make sure that Time
Completes it for me.

-with apologies and love to Neil Gaimen. Thank you for my role model.

-sll 3/9/2015
10 a.m.


{March 2, 2015}   The Distant Ethereal

Another of my faves by a great budding writer!

Causal Philosophy

I seek illusions.

Wishing to be a dreamer,

But now I can’t sleep. ?

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There are things that i
feel in my soul to be true.
Hurting my loved ones

Is not something that
I would ever deign to do.
So understanding

your motives behind
what had happened yesterday,
to me, isn’t enough.

There has to be truth,
lest I feel I’ve been betrayed
by one that I love.

Which leaves my heart out
blowing in the cold breezes
where it will form ice.

I’ll learn to forgive
before it up and freezes.
But you must promise-

Never to hurt me thus again


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