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I’m sorry again

They were late, it’s typical

Of your little sis.


Not a reflection

Of the way i feel about you.

Just me being me.


Hope this year brings you

So much more joy than sadness.

And that you had cake.



Sll 5/12/2106


{March 9, 2015}   Death is Waiting

I am waiting for
a sister who seems always
absent to come forth.

Death, when will you be
coming for me- and will I
still be ready then?

I hope to welcome
your embrace with loving arms,
And recall your joy.

I hope to be glad,
(And to have fulfilled
My Destiny here.)

If not, I know you.
And you will make sure that Time
Completes it for me.

-with apologies and love to Neil Gaimen. Thank you for my role model.

-sll 3/9/2015
10 a.m.

There are things that i
feel in my soul to be true.
Hurting my loved ones

Is not something that
I would ever deign to do.
So understanding

your motives behind
what had happened yesterday,
to me, isn’t enough.

There has to be truth,
lest I feel I’ve been betrayed
by one that I love.

Which leaves my heart out
blowing in the cold breezes
where it will form ice.

I’ll learn to forgive
before it up and freezes.
But you must promise-

Never to hurt me thus again


{February 28, 2015}   Crying

Do you have any idea
how many times
The same heart can break?

3:40 pm

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{February 14, 2015}   Why You Should Love NOW.


It is true that love
Is fleeting, but so too is
Our time here on Earth.

Grab hold of it when
The chance presents itself – lest
You not learn its worth.

11:20 pm

For Michael, who has made my life worth living. I’m so glad we seized the moments that came to us!

{February 7, 2015}   For Myndi, who “gets” me…


On occasions when
your friends consider you “off”
we have each other.


{February 7, 2015}   Board games

All my boys playing
games together and laughter
rings throughout the house.


{February 2, 2015}   Family Ties–a haiku

You both called me “She“.
with familiar voices and
Intense ugliness.

I ran away then.
Much, I’m afraid, like you must
Have come to expect.

If we are keeping
Track, I want to remind
You that I came back.

Sll – 2/9/12 2:05 am
Revised 2/2/2015


{February 1, 2015}   For Nicholas, who I love


Today I saw you
grin with your whole face, and like
that, all is sunshine.

10:59 pm
Edited 2/1/2015
(Photo courtesy Dallas Morning News)

{January 29, 2015}   When Depression Overtakes You


It hurts me to know
That “I’m sorry” or “I care
Are not said enough.

And sometimes words aren’t
What you need. Personal ties
Become essential

For your state of mind
To become calmer, more at
Peace within yourself.

I wish that I could
Wrap my arms around you and
Give you some comfort.

All i have are words
And more words, but they are true.
You are not alone.

I am here, I care.
Even when I am not close–
I remain your friend.

So do not despair
Do not allow sadness to
Overwhelm your heart.

Hang on to what you
Have, and hold the good things close.
The new day brings light.


For my far away, sad friend. Feel better soon.

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